Our Workshops

Our workshops are generally bespoke to our clients with a specialist focus on coping skills, stress management and psychological resilience. We look to draw on the strengths of people to help them develop their potential, increase motivation and enhance self awareness. Additionally, these sessions are carefully designed to maximise people’s health and wellbeing, effectiveness and efficiency. In the peri-covid dawn that we hope to be moving towards, we also address covid recovery.

A BIG THANK YOU for our poetry workshops. We really enjoyed them and learned a lot! Many thanks . Class Lesotho

All workshops can be delivered online or face to face. We cater for a variety of audiences from groups of people in the community, to schools, universities and workplaces. Ostensibly, a workshop will consider the theory of behaviour and then explore how it can be realised in each person’s life. This gives the two-fold benefit of cementing the learning expereince in an evidence base that is reliable and trustworthy, whilst bringing about a real-time change that benefits each and every person who attends. We use creative strategies to deliver the sessions to engage people in the process. Central to our workshop ethos, too, is joy and fun. If people enjoy what they are doing, they are more likely to stick with the process and if they have fun, they are more likely to retain what they learn.

Thank you so much for the course- I have really enjoyed it

We also work hard to develop connection with peers and as such, our workshops have been particularly commended for the way the bring people together with a common cause. Although, each workshop is delivered under the guidance of a specialist in the field so that learning is scaffolded in a meaningful manner, there is also an added advantage of people being able to work together to explore difference perspective.

So, that all said, why book an Arbor Vitae workshop?

  • They are led by facilitators with an indepth knowledge of the subject area
  • Each workshop is designed in a bespoke manner so that they have greater relevance to the participants
  • The information given out is evidence-based
  • Our central ethos is to engage each and every person.
  • We use creative strategies
  • We encourage peer group learning under the guidance of our expert facilitators. This is great for networking as well!
  • They offer value for money