Talks and Lectures

Although a lot of our work is focussed on the individual, be that through coaching or through workshops, we also have delivered a number of talks over the years to disseminate information and share drops of inspiration with our audiences.

Talks have the advantage of being able to reach a larger number of people in one go. Our talks have always been well received and have ranged from school wide assemblies, to engaging people in conferences and symposiums, to support groups and in community settings.

We have spoken on a number of different topics but primarily to share our own motivational story of overcoming adversity, through to speaking about the biology of stress, stress management, psychological resilience and other psychosocial factors which impact our every day lives.

Some of the Talks We have Delivered:

Overcoming Adversity

Psychosocial Factors affecting health

Stress Management

Psychological Resilience

Becoming the Dream

Self Expression

Self Compassion

Using interpretative phenomenlogical analysis to understand heart patients

The benefits of social support


Always thought  I was to blame for my problems because I can’t always do what I’m supposed to – great to know more of what’s holding me up and to stop beating myself up.

Thank you for your talk. It helped me understand why sometimes I struggle and then I feel so guilty

It was such a relief to understand “me” more.

Thursday 2nd October was National Poetry Day and the school celebrated by reading, writing and performing poems as part of their learning. Class Lesotho and Sri Lanka were very lucky to have Virginia come into school to deliver workshops as well as very informative and thought provoking talk for our assembly. We hope the children enjoyed their day and wish to say thank you to Gini for a fantastic addition to a superb day

I feel more empowered not to give up now

Virginia presented ‘The Head-Heart Connection; an exploration of the biology of stress, and strategies to help’. The PowerPoint presentation was clearly set out, and Virginia responded promptly and effectively to queries/comments at the end. The session was very well-received, and generated a lot of discussion amongst participants.

I really enjoyed it

We deliver talks in person and over platforms such as zoom.