Arbor Vitae is an exciting and impelling integrated lifespan solution to enhance the development of each individual across their lifetime.  Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to help and support each person achieve their own unique potential facilitating change by retaining the key element of autonomy so that our clients make their own choices and lead their own pathways to success.

We see life as a continual development platform that retains plasticity throughout the years.  Arbor Vitae will assist in providing innovative strategies to restore equilibrium and find an emotional balance in life as well as offering dedicated programmes of focus, motivation and progression.  We will do this by using engaging and creative methodologies, workshops, one to one coaching sessions and inspirational talks to enable a focus on support, self-awareness, self-fulfilment and personal independence based on maxims of respect, responsibility and appreciation.

Why Arbor Vitae

Arbor Vitae literally translated means ‘tree of life’ but anatomically relates to the white matter in the cerebellum of the brain which is responsible, amongst other things, for regulation of movement and ostensibly our ability to balance. So whilst the arbor vitae may be more to do with motor control, the association with balance metaphorically constructs well with the equilibrium we try and attain in our everyday lives. When life is in balance, we feel calm and grounded and can more readily achieve our potential which is a core part of the Arbor Vitae Lifespan Solutions’ mission.

But why the fern leaf? The arbor vitae in the cerebellum takes on a tree-like appearance but in some ways it much more resembles a fern. The fern too is a remarkable plant containing everything it needs to produce energy and develop and grow new plants from within itself. Metaphorically, here at Arbor Vitae Lifespan Solutions we believe you too have everything you need for your growth and development and our aim is to help you feel empowered to make the changes you want to make drawing on your own inner strengths.

Who are We?

Arbor Vitae Lifespan Solutions was set up in 2012 to support anyone who needed that extra tier of support to really reach their potential. It is run by Virginia who has a British Psychological Society (BPS) accredited Master’s degree in Health Psychology and undergraduate degree in Psychology as well as a BPS approved certificate in coaching. This is important because as the title of coach is not protected (as in it is restricted for use by suitably qualified people), her training and accreditations mean you can be assured of the quality of the services she provides and she will vet others working under the Arbor Vitae Lifespan Solutions banner to also be approprately qualified. She has also built up a reputation for her client-centered approach which puts compassion, kindness and empathy at the core of her practice.

Virginia has also benefitted from coaching in her past. Twelve years ago she was left with nothing financially post a 19 year marriage. She was also diagnosed at that time with a debilitating health condition but was determined not to let it stop her fulfilling her potential. With responsibility for four beautiful children she set about rebuilding her and her family’s life step by step using coaching methodologies. Twelve years on she is a successful coach running her own business, has studied for and been awarded two degrees and also holds down a senior position in a charity in the South of England whilst continuing to see her own self development as a priority. Her four children have equally gone onto great things having broken away from the doom and gloom of stereotypical lables from being brought up by a single mother with health issues and no money. They each have succeeded at school and are now either working in their own rights or in the final years of university. You could say they are living embodiment of what Arbor Vitae stands for!

“Nothing is impossible. Dream big, keep your feet on the ground, set goals and make plans for success whilst supporting each other and retaining an open and flexible mind. If we could do it, you can too”
Virginia Dellow, Founder of Arbor Vitae

When asked what sets Arbor Vitae apart, Virginia says, that it is our absolute tried and tested belief that everyone has potential and has a contribution to make in this world. We believe in equality and equity and do not subscribe to an agenda of blame but more so live by the maximes of respect, responsiblity and appreciation. Our clients speak highly of our patient centred approach where kindness and compassion are central to our ethos. Moreover, we believe in ‘you’. If you want something enough and are prepared to put in the effort with a solution-focussed passion, the world is your oyster and we are here to help you.

Our Values


Who Do We Help?

Arbor Vitae have worked with lots of different people but specifically concentrates on young people, their families and students as well as those with chronic illness and older adults. Particularly, too, we offer a bespoke service to heart patients under our charitable arm, Heart Coach UK, for those who need support making lifestyle modifications to help live well with their conditions.

Where Do We Help?

We are happy to come to you or meet in a convenient location. We also work in schools, universities, workplaces and care homes. During the pandemic, however, a lot of our work has been on zoom although we have continued to offer walk and talk as an option in line with government guidelines.