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Arbor Vitae is an exciting and impelling integrated lifespan solution to enhance the development of each individual across their lifetime.  Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to help and support each person achieve their own unique potential facilitating change by retaining the key element of autonomy so that our clients make their own choices and lead their own pathways to success.

We see life as a continual development platform that retains plasticity throughout the years.  Arbor Vitae will assist in providing innovative strategies to restore equilibrium and find an emotional balance in life as well as offering dedicated programmes of focus, motivation and progression.  We will do this by using engaging and creative methodologies, workshops, one to one coaching sessions and inspirational talks to enable a focus on support, self-awareness, self-fulfilment and personal independence based on maxims of respect, responsibility and appreciation.


We offer coaching services to support you to make real and meaningful change in you life, in your family, and/or in your business. If you want to explore, grow and transform your life, coaching could be for you.

Here at Arbor Vitae we use traditional and cognitive behavioural coaching approaches as well as drawing on motivational interviewing techniques and psychological theory to help you make the change you want to make. We can help you learn to think differently about the way you approach life as well as help you make those changes practically. We particularly specialise in developing psychological resilience, stress management, lifestyle modification adherence and supporting personal growth so that you can once again thrive and be the person you would like to be.


Our workshops are generally bespoke to our clients with a specialist focus on coping skills, stress management and psychological resilience. We look to draw on the strengths of people to help them develop their potential, increase motivation and enhance self awareness. Additionally, these sessions are carefully designed to maximise people’s health and wellbeing, effectiveness and efficiency. In the peri-covid dawn that we hope to be moving towards, we also address covid recovery across different age groups specific to your needs.

You can be assured of being part of a workshop that still puts you, the client, as central to the process. Our workshops make a difference so whether you are a workplace, a school, a community group or even a family, get in touch to find out more.


Although a lot of our work is focussed on the individual, be that through coaching or through workshops, we also have delivered a number of talks over the years to disseminate information and share drops of inspiration with our audiences. We can be asked to talk on a number of different subjects around motivation, psychological resilience and psychosocial factors influencing health. Our talks have always been well received.

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Personal Growth and Development

Do you want to thrive?
Do you want greater psychological resilience?
Do you want to fulfil your potential?

Lifestyle Modification
and Behaviour Change

Do you need to make changes to your lifestyle?
Do you need help to motivate yourself?
Do you want to address the elephant in the room?

Health and Wellbeing

Do you want to learn to cope better?
Do you want support managing stress?
Do you need to achieve a better balance in life?

Heart Coach UK is a subsidiary of Arbor Vitae offering free specialist support to heart patients who are looking for help with the psychological and emotional aspects of living with a heart condition. Research has found that some heart patients really struggle with their quality of life as well as struggling to cope with the vagaries of their health. Others have to make lifestyle changes but find it hard to do this for a variety of reasons. If this is you, Heart Coach UK is here for you offering one to one coaching, group workshops and talks. We help you cope, build resilience and develop the psychological and emotional muscle to live better alongside your condition. Get in touch to find out more


Arbor Vitae LS used their skill and expertise to support both my Mother and my emotional journey, helping Mum to find purpose again having been so ill and me to manage my stress and become more psychologically resilient. In doing this they always put us first and encouraged our autonomy and coping strategies so that I was more confident and could cope more effectively. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Ann Armstong

I went to Arbor Vitae for help reference my exam anxiety During our sessions I was able to gain an understanding of why I react to certain situations the way I do; we were then able to work on techniques to help “override” my usual reaction which resulted in anxiety attacks. It really did help to fully understand the condition with someone I trust. With the aid of our sessions I was able to sit my A Level examinations calmly.

Claire Smith


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